Friday, April 17, 2009

Ade Rai's Drug-Test Challenge

I realize that over the years there have been many people around the world doubting my drug-free status. For most part, I take it as compliment. But, there have been many people or on many occasions where performance-enhancing drug-dealers claiming me to be one of their loyal customers in their pursuit to sell more drugs to their potential buyers.

This not only taints my goodwill and hard-earned trust, but also is bad for the development of Indonesia's fitness industry. I am well aware that my achievement as World Drug-Free Bodybuilding Champion in a small part, has become one of the prides of the Indonesian people. It is a privilege that I do not dare to waste and take for granted.

To clear my name once and for all, and for greater purpose of proving that what I have achieved can be emulated or followed by others without the use of performance-enhancing drugs, I hereby have issued an open challenge to anyone who doubts me.

I have put US$100,000.00 of my assets at stake to anyone who can prove that I indeed used or am using performance-enhancing IOC/WADA banned substances. This challenge can also be taken up by the lab officials who hold or keep my drug-test results from any of my past events. The legitimacy of the document must be verified by the governing bodies

For anyone who requests a drug-test to be performed (i.e the recipient of the challenge), here are some of the rules and conditions:
1. The recipient of the challenge will pay for all drug-test expenditures in advanced. If in any case my test results proof positive, I will happily reimburse the expenditures.
2. The recipient of the challenge has the rights to:
- Decide when the test is conducted
- Which drug(s) to test
3. All tests must be performed at a WADA/IOC-sanctioned laboratory and standards.
4. US$100,000.00 for each drug tested positive. So if the recipient of the challenge wants to test for 5 drugs, and if the results show I am tested positive for all 5 drugs, I will have to pay 5x US$100,000.00 to the recipient of the challenge. But if the results show I am tested negative for all 5 drugs, the recipient of the challenge must pay 5x US$100,000.00 to me.
5. Anyone who takes up this challenge MUST come forward with at least one national and international news channel/station, and print publication of the recipient's choice. This is the only way I can be sure the results be announced worldwide.

Anyone who wishes to accept the challenge, kindly contact me at and CC to the email of the news network and publications of choice.

Yours truly,
Ade Rai
3x World Drug-Free Bodybuilding Champion